CV (English)


I am an engineer in Medietechnology interested in graphics, programming and computer games. Currently residing in Stockholm, Sweden.


Research engineer at FOI in Stockholm. Developer on a fighter jet flight simulator facility. Mainly working with C++ development of new features.

Some of my projects

A-star path finder

A grid path finder using the A-star algorithm. It is optimized for speed and size by sudivding the search grid. Written in c++ 14 using Visual Studio 17.
2D ARPG Unity scripts

A 2d action RPG game system written in unity with a enemies, status effects, attacks, equipment and items. The base game is planned to be released on the Unity asset store and as an complete game. This git repo only contains the c# script assets.
Genetic algorithm experiment

A genetic algorithm which takes an input value and then tries to find an expression which will result in that value.
Android game

A small project to learn Unity and the development and publishing workflow on Android.
Volume rendering on a light field display

My thesis at CRS4 on Sardinia
Real Time Fur Renderer

An experiment with rendering of fur in realtime using OpenGl and GLSL
Real time volume Renderer

A simple volume renderer which loads and uses real time ray casting to render a dataset i raw 8-bit format.
Real Time Tonemapper

A program which displays an hdr image mapped to a sphere and tonemaps the image in real time. It is using OpenGL and GLSL.
Android OpenGL ES 2.0 rendererer

Ongoing project to develop a game engine using OpenGl ES for Android.
Rope simulation in java

A 2d rope simulation with some weights climbing up and down on the ropes.
2D Massive Scrolling

An extension of the 2d platform XNA game with a scrolling, zoom and lot of objects. The world is divided in rectangles for the purpose of collision and rendering.

A small 2D platform game made in XNA Game Studio. It's mostly an experiment with classes and collisions of the different game objects.
Java applet with colliding particles

A particle system written in Java.
Procedural generated Pinapple

A Renderman shader which tries to generate a pineapple from a sphere.
Segway Simulator

A project in the Modelling and simulation course. The program simulates a segway as a inverted pendelum and uses a control system to balance it.
Pathfinding, chasing in java

Pathfinding using a *A-like algorithm in java. Helped a friend to develop a labyrinth game. The pathfinding for the computer controlled characters work, they chase the flower objects, but the rest is a work in progress. Walk around the labyrinth with the arrow keys.
Screen capture server and client

An application which captures the desktop and sends the images to the client over ip.

A bluetooth enabled game made in Mobile Processing. Work in progress